Join the DevotiKDK Team

We are happy to announce that we have opened the application for new sailors to join the DevotiKDK Team for the upcoming season.

For more information on how to join the team, please contact your local distributor or our global HQ Team.

DevotiKDK Team benefits include:

  • Discounted rates for hulls
  • Discounted rates for foils, spars, sails, trolleys and covers
  • Technical advice from our top class coaches
  • Technical support
  • Invitations for DevotiKDK Team Clinics
  • DevotiKDK Team clothing and gear 

DevotiKDK Team Sailors 23/24

DevotiKDK Team Sailors 22/23

DevotiKDK Team Sailors 21/22

DevotiKDK Team Results


Spanish Championship 2024: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

Spanish Championship 2024 W: WINNER (Amalia Coll)

Spanish Championship 2024 W: 3rd (Laia Mattos)

Spanish Champhionship 2024 U13: WINNER (Iván Sáez)

Excellence Cup 23/24 Ranking: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

Excellence Cup 23/24 Ranking: 5th (Alex Valero)

Excellence Cup 23/24 Ranking: 6th (JuanFran Chumilla)

Optiorange 2024: 3rd (JuanFran Chumilla)

34th Int. Vila de Palamos Trophy: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

50 Torneio Int. de Vela Vilamoura: WINNER (Mar Infante)

Trofeo Euromarina 2024: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

X Regata Ciudad del Puerto: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

72 Trofeo Ciutat de Palma: 3rd (Iker Múgica)

Trofeo Vela Infantil 2023: WINNER (Amalia Coll)

Trofeo Vela Infantil 2023: 3rd (Alex Valero)

GP Andorra 2023: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

Trofeo Ciudad de Vigo 2023: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

VIII Trofeo de la Hispanidad: 2nd (Mar Infante)

Barcelona Team Racing: WINNER (Iker Múgica)

XV Memorial Estruch: WINNER (Iker Múgica)


71 Trofeo Ciutat de Palma: 3rd (Amalia Coll)

African Champhionship 2023: 3rd (Alex Valero)

LVI Semana Náutica de Alicante: 3rd (JuanFran Chumilla)

LVI Semana Náutica de Alicante U13: 3rd (JuanFran Chumilla)

LVI Semana Náutica de Alicante U13: 3rd (alex Valero)


XIV Euromarina Trophy: 3rd (Roberto Aguilar)

Ranking Andalucia: WINNER (Roberto Aguilar)

Ranking C. Valenciana: WINNER (Quini Valero)

III Trofeo Sol Portocarrero: WINNER (Roberto Aguilar)

Trofeo Hispanidad 2021: 3rd (Roberto Aguilar)

Excellence Cup Ranking 21/22: 2nd (Quini Valero)

Trofeo President Lluís Marsá 2022: WINNER (Roberto Aguilar)

Spanish National Ranking 21/22: 3rd (Ramon de la Serna)

70 Trofeo Ciutat de Palma: 2nd (Roberto Aguilar)